Dad’s Playlist 2020: Volume One

If I told you I am 56 years old and that I dig on an occasional Phish or Ben Folds Five song you’d probably say that makes a heckuva lot of sense. I’ve accepted that I’m a Dad Rock kind of guy and I feel no shame in saying so. Though I’ve lived my lifeContinue reading “Dad’s Playlist 2020: Volume One”

The Art of Picking Off Soundtracks to Make the Perfect Playlist

In full disclosure, my favorite soundtrack of all time is probably from the movie The Endless Summer, if only for its theme song and the equally mood-enhancing Wild as the Sea. But Garden State is probably the one soundtrack I’ve listened to more than any other. But, there is a playlist I have had residingContinue reading “The Art of Picking Off Soundtracks to Make the Perfect Playlist”