Dad’s Playlist 2020: Volume One

If I told you I am 56 years old and that I dig on an occasional Phish or Ben Folds Five song you’d probably say that makes a heckuva lot of sense. I’ve accepted that I’m a Dad Rock kind of guy and I feel no shame in saying so. Though I’ve lived my lifeContinue reading “Dad’s Playlist 2020: Volume One”

31 Days of the Dead 2020

I do this every July. It’s basically the 31 live Grateful Dead songs I listened to most throughout the year (thank you Spotify for this year’s metrics). There are widely-circulated playlists entitled ‘30 Days of Dead’ or ‘My 30 Trips Around the Sun’ – so why did I choose 31? The fact that the numerologyContinue reading “31 Days of the Dead 2020”

I (We) Need a Social Media Exorcism

I think, for Independence Day, that I want to remove myself from social media. I need a fucking mental health break as much as a fish needs water. How will we stay in touch with each other? Friends find a way. And that’s the rub. I’ve tried to leave before but I always come backContinue reading “I (We) Need a Social Media Exorcism”


I know, I know…this is a music blog. If it will help you to read the entire post I’ll make sure you get something excellent to listen to upon completion. Nothing wrong with a little reward for your time and our (yours and mine) effort. Based on the header photo you know what’s coming, butContinue reading “WE INTERRUPT THIS PROGRAM…”

When Love Was a Mixtape

If you’ve not read the book Love is a Mixtape by Rob Sheffield I implore you to get a copy immediately and dig in. The story of Rob and his wife Renee, and the music that inspired their relationship, is a gift to anyone who reads it. Their time together was short and ended tragically,Continue reading “When Love Was a Mixtape”

The Art of Picking Off Soundtracks to Make the Perfect Playlist

In full disclosure, my favorite soundtrack of all time is probably from the movie The Endless Summer, if only for its theme song and the equally mood-enhancing Wild as the Sea. But Garden State is probably the one soundtrack I’ve listened to more than any other. But, there is a playlist I have had residingContinue reading “The Art of Picking Off Soundtracks to Make the Perfect Playlist”

Friday Night COVID-19 Listening Party: Milt Jackson, John Coltrane, and Ray Charles

“Time being of the essence in the purity of speech, sketching language is undisturbed flow from the mind of personal secret idea-words, blowing (as per jazz musician) on subject of image.” – Jack Kerouac If you would have told me five years ago that my first *new* music column in the post-Jivewired era would beContinue reading “Friday Night COVID-19 Listening Party: Milt Jackson, John Coltrane, and Ray Charles”

Album Review – Welcome To The Country by Gram Rabbit

Release Date: 18-July-2012Genre: Alt-Country / Electropop  / AmericanaPublisher: [c] 2012 Royal OrderLabel: Royal OrderTotal Time: 42m 34sOriginal Review Date: 19-November-2012Format: AAC (iTunes)Bit Rate: 256 kbpsSongs In Jivewired Radio Rotation: Desperate Heart, Wild Imagination, Honky Tonkin’Best Songs: Wild Imagination, Honky Tonkin’, Desperate HeartTeam Photo: Too Drive To Drunk, I’ve Been ThinkingPrevious Jivewired Review: None How You Might Know This Band: Their single Lost in Place is featured inContinue reading “Album Review – Welcome To The Country by Gram Rabbit”

Concert Review – Vintage Trouble at The Park West [Chicago, IL]

This review is from their show on October 4, 2014, and was originally published on October 14 of that year. There are few instances where a live performance exceeds the pre-concert hype. Often, anticipation from a dedicated group of hard core fans tends to amp up pre-event intensity to heights that are nearly impossible toContinue reading “Concert Review – Vintage Trouble at The Park West [Chicago, IL]”

Indie Introspective: Mainstream + Indies = Mindies. Why The Mainstream Killed Your Favorite Band

Though I do make exceptions, I generally despise writing anything that can be labeled a think piece because I am of the opinion that most articles carrying that description only serve to dumb us down as readers. This is a think piece, so for that I apologize. In the past few days, I’ve read articlesContinue reading “Indie Introspective: Mainstream + Indies = Mindies. Why The Mainstream Killed Your Favorite Band”